Stripping prozesses: Copper traces at a gold electrode
Heated Gold Wire 25µm
c(Cu2+)=5·10-7 mol l-1
temperature 20 to 57°C

Rotating disk
c(Cu2+)=10-6 mol l-1
Rotation rate 0 to 2000 min-1

PSA signals for adsorptive stripping of nucleic acids
Heated Electrodes in flowing streams
A Amperometric signals following injections of ferrocyanide in phosphate buffer.
(a) 20°C; (b) 80°C

B Continuous flowing solution with
(a) pulsed flow rate
(b) temperature pulses (20 to 80°C)

Temperature-pulse voltammetry, short time version

Temperature Puls Voltammetry of NO 73 µM in 0.1 M Na2SO4
(a) temperature series
(b) “cold”, “hot” and differential curves.

Temperature Puls Voltammetry of CuCl2 (8 mM) in aqueous solution
Temperature from 23°C (top curve) to 180°C (bottom curve)