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An all-purpose version of our heating instrument has been released! Please contact us or go to Gensoric GmbH.

On these pages, we would like to provide you with some essential information about the electrochemistry at directly heated electrodes, also known as hot-wire electrochemistry.

This novel technique allows to vary arbitrarily the temperature of an electrode while electrochemical experiments are running. One can bring about an efficient stirring effect by continuous heating, but on the other hand one can work without any convection and raise the temperature up to far above the boiling point by short heat pulses.

Directly heated electrodes allow you

"Exploring the 5th Dimension of Electrochemistry....."

which is temperature besides potential, current, time and concentration.

The uncommon behaviour of heated microelectrodes allows to design novel chemical sensors with amazing properties. Such sensors are small and cheap. They can be utilized in many analytical applications and they can operate smoothly at remote places.

At present, electrochemistry at directly heated microelectrodes is an advanced technology with a well investigated background. Measurements can be performed easily with our novel compact heating instrument.

Please contact our start-up company Gensoric GmbH, if you wish to order heating generators or heated electrodes.

We are always interested to discuss this amazing new field and even to find partners for a cooperation.

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