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Please contact our start-up company Gensoric GmbH, if you wish to order heating generators or heated electrodes.




This is the latest version of our heating generator. It is a “heavy duty” version suited for all kinds of heated electrodes, especially platinum micro-wires and carbon electrodes (such as glassy carbon, screen-printed carbon, carbon paste electrodes), but also gold micro-wires.

The basic package includes power cord, USB cable and control software, heating cable, filtering device and manual double switch.

Gensoric also delivers an automatic switch including a programmable logic relay in order to perform Temperature Pulse Amperometry and Temperature Pulse Potentiometry with heating pulses as short as 100 ms or longer up to minutes.


Actual prototype for direct electrically heating of electrodes



Prototypes of direct and indirect electrically heated electrodes for different purposes


Electrically heated ring electrode


Electrically heated sensor array


Classic electrically heated
wax coated wire electrode 25µm


Electrically heated carbon printed
band electrode


PE coated wire electorde 25µm


Array of electrically heated Ring electrodes


Indirect heatable gold electrode


Electrically heated carbon paste electrode


Prototypes of different apparatus for direct electrically heating of electrodes





Coming soon

(a) Hot-Wire-Booster

(b) Hot-DNA-Chip